This is a list of classes taught at least once bu faculty members of our laboratory.

We look forward seeing you if you are interested in natural resources and environment, or if you would like to know more about our laboratory.

Junior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences

Thematic Courses, Fieldwork: "Where can we get the mineral resources?" (S semester)

Systems Innovation, Faculty of Engineering

Fundamental Project A (S semester)

Practice on Social Innovation (S2 term)

Advanced Project C (A semester)

Elements of Chemistry for Environment and Energy Systems 1 & 2 (A1/A2 terms)

Earth System Science (A1 term)

Earth and Planetary System Engineering(A1 term)

Environmental and Processing Engineering (A2 term)

Graduate School of Engineering Common Lecture

Introduction of Ocean Engineering (S semester)

Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering

Global Environmental Science & Earth Resource Exploration (S semester)